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False Eye Lashes

Looking for a Look Glamour? Looky Eyes False Eye Lashes is a must. Easy application, no glue and reusable! Choose your look in the 13 selections available!

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Looky Eyes

Looky Eyes 3D Mascara

Looky Eyes 3D mascara is an innovative duo of transplanting gel paired with green tea and nylon fibres. A favourite alternative to fake lashes, it provides dramatic volume and length effects, surpassing the results of a regular mascara.

Looky Eyes

The duo

Thanks to the alternating application of the two brushes, your eyes will have a wide and glowing look.

The first brush, which contains a transplanting gel, moistens the eyelashes prior to application of the fibres and thus allows maximum hold. The transplanting gel brush has six sides: three shorter sides to moisten lashes and three longer sides to properly grip each lash.

The second brush contains natural green tea and nylon fibres, which adhere to the gel-coated eyelashes. Lashes will appear longer and lusher, with the fibres offering maximum volume and creating an eyelash extension effect.

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Looky Eyes

Looky Eyes 3D Waterproof Mascara

Elle R Cosmétiques offers a new version of the innovative duo of transplanting gel paired with green tea and nylon fibres: the Looky Eyes 3D Waterproof Mascara, perfect to take with you everywhere this summer and keep you looking flawless, no matter what! The very first two-step waterproof 3D mascara on the market has the same long-lasting and intense-effect properties as the regular Looky Eyes, but with a little extra! As it is more affordable than eyelash extensions and can be worn only when desired, the Looky Eyes 3D Waterproof Mascara is the preferred alternative to false eyelashes, in addition to being waterproof!

Felt Waterproof Liquid Liner

The Looky Eyes felt waterproof liquid liner provides a thin, precise and intense application, if needed. Its felt tip slides naturally over the eyelid. Its maximum hold and ultra-pigmented formula ensures perfect makeup throughout the day.


How to use

Before application, it is best to use an eyelash curler (use only at the base of the eyelashes to create an extension effect). For a more intense effect, apply your favourite mascara before the Looky Eyes 3D Mascara.



Apply the transplanting gel on each eyelash, one at a time.


Apply the fibres as evenly as possible on the transplanting gel before it dries.


Apply transplanting gel a second time to make sure that the fibres are properly held in place and that they are straight.


For even more volume and length, reapply more fibres and finish with a final coat of transplanting gel.


Looky Eyes

Looky Eyes - Application

Mega long lashes!

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