Looky Hair


Looky Hair

Looky Hair Thickening Hair Fibres

Perfect for both men and women, the Looky Hair fibres help thicken sparser areas and add volume to thinner hair in the blink of an eye. The product is completely undetectable and gives a truly natural look. The result is fast and lasts all day. The product stays in place until the next time you wash your hair. The Looky Hair fibres are offered in 12 different colours.


  •   Immediately gives the appearance of thicker hair
  •   Made of 100% natural cotton fibers
  •   Easy and fast application
  •   Holds until next shampoo application
  •   Increases hair volume
  •   Camouflages sparser areas of the head
  •   Fully natural appearance in less than 30 seconds
  •   Does not stain
  •   Safe for hair and scalp
  •   Can be removed easily
  •   Does not cause irritation

Natural cotton fibre

Looky Hair is made of natural cotton fibre (Moroccan Gossypium herbaceum), which provides an excellent replica of human hair. The fibres have a negative static charge, while human hair has a positive static charge. The cotton fibres are thus attracted like magnets and stick to human hair. Each hair will be thickened by the cotton fibres attached to it, thus giving an appearance of volume and evenness at the hairs’ root. The product does not contain any allergy-causing ingredients like those of animal origin, such as wool (keratin).

How to use

Looky Hair comes in a small 20g bottle and can be applied in only 30 seconds. Looky Hair will hold in place until the next time you wash your hair.



Apply to dry, styled hair.


Hold the bottle close to your head and gently shake it over sparser areas.


Gently pat your hair to disperse the fibres.


Apply a small amount of hairspray for a better hold. Do not brush your hair.


Close the bottle tightly and keep it out of humid areas when it is not being used.


You’re ready to go!


Looky Hair - Woman

Looky Hair - Men